y do people like 2 play games [...]

Importance Of Games And Sports In Life

i want an article [...]

Do U Play Sports As Passion Or Fun

i play cricket as a passion [...]

What Is Your Favorite Sports Team

It can be any team from any sport. [...]

What Are Your Favourite Sports

For me its Cricket and Football [...]

What Is Youre Fav Sports

i dont like sports. [...]

Do You Love Sports

Let us know what sports you love! [...]

When Was The First Olympics What Sports Were Played Then

The first modern Olympics started on April 6, 1896*, and went on to April 15, 1896, and the first Olympic games in 1500 years were held in Athens, Greece. With some fourteen nations and and estimated 241 athletes (all male) participating in 43 events in nine sports (Aquatics, Athletics, Cycling, Fencing, Gymnastics, Shooting, [...]

What Kind Of Sports Do You Like

I like athletics, what about you??? [...]

Sports Or Arts

WHAT DO U LIKE??????????????// [...]

Sports Teams

What is you favorite sports team !!! Mine is The Cleveland Cavs... I am aslo a die hard Browns Fan even when they are not doing good [...]

Do You Find Basketball As A Good Sports

I do for I always watch basketball and you??? [...]

Whats Ur Fav Sports

my fav sport is fotball and cricket... [...]

What Sports Do You Like

I like basketball and swimming. [...]

What Values Do We Learn From Sports

do they rebuild/reshape one's character or do they reveal it? [...]

I Like Sports

Does anybody here don't like sports. What is your sports? [...]

Tell Me What Sports You Like And I Tell You Who You Are

I like boxing, then I am a Filipino. [...]

Do U Like Sports Or Music Mostwhich Sport Do U Like

i like music i hate sports [...]

What Your Sports

Me, I play Scrabble, badmiton, mountaineering and swimming [...]

Which Sports Preferred:football,basket,hockey,baseball,soccer,motoring Ortennis

I pref 1Soccer,2Tennis,i like all sports [...]


What do you think of a girl playing football? My daughter loves it. she is 14, She plays with her friends sometimes. she is wanting to join a real team. I don't know If I really want that,I just don't want her to get hurt. What would you do if you were in my shoes?she has been in a basketball team last year. But she said [...]

What Sports Did (do) You Play In School

I didn't play any, I was a cheerleader. [...]


What's everyones favorite sport to play and or watch? [...]

Have You Driven A Sports Car

If so which one do yuo like the most? I love the Lambhorgini Gallardo very much and all the Porche models for their handling. [...]

Which Is Favorite Sports

for me it is Cricket,FootBall........... [...]

Your Favorite Sports

i like to play football and cricket. do u know that games and like that game? plz response me. [...]

Sports Cars Or Luxury Cars

what do you prefer to have a sprots car which has no comfort but high speed with good acceleration or a luxury car with best comfort but far less acceleration? [...]

Sports Fans

what is your favorite sport and why? [...]

Kids And Sports

Do you think kids should be involved in school sports when they are failing? [...]

Sports Injuries!

All right people! Hit me up with a reply if your have ever broken, torn, sprained, strained, fractured or o [...]

Is Beckham The Most Popular Sports Persnality Of Our Era

comment on this great football star [...]

Pittsburgh Sports Fans

Who here are fans of pittsburgh sports: penguins, pirates or steelers. If your a fan throw your name on here and feel free to start discussion [...]

Which Is Ur Favorate Sports

soccer !!! urs?? [...]

What Sports Did You Do In School

that you were actually part of a Team? ***I was in Volleyball*** [...]

Arrange It According To Urs Own Choice: Meal, Mylot, Sports

I'll say: MyLot, meal, sports and what do u say??????? [...]

Biggest Sports Stars In Your Area

Who are the most famous stars to play on your local sports teams? In Philadelphia we have: 1. Eagles - Donovan McNabb 2. Phillies - Ryan Howard, Chase Utley 3. 76ers - Allen Iverson 4. Flyers - Pe [...]

What Sports Did U Play In High School



Football,Basketball, cricket...etc? which do yoy like most? name any. [...]

Sports. Which Is Ur Favorite Sport

Cricket.. baseball, rugby, soccer..??? mine is however cricket. [...]


What's your favorite sport? I love motor sports, soccer and gymnastics. In my house I am the biggest soccer supporter. I watch the games and curse more than anyone else. :) [...]

Name Your Favorite Sports

cricket football? [...]


the game which u like the most........... [...]


Do u like to play football or just watch? [...]

Sports Fans

what is your favorite sport and why? [...]


what do you thinks more aggresive hockey or football [...]

Your Favourite Sports/games

Discuss about your favourite sports and games (Indoor games included) and that you play most oftenly I love Cricket, Soccer, Chess. [...]

Which Sports Do You Like Best

which sport game do you like best? [...]

Who Is Your Favourate Sports Personality

mine is Rafael nadal(tennis)and Daniel vettori(cricket) [...]

What Is Your Favorite Sports Team

I love the Philadelphia Eagles. [...]

Who Is The Most Dominating Sports Man

is it fedderer?? or if we gon in the it pele..or maradona...or mohammad ali...lets see who do yu consider the most dominating.. [...]

Which Sports You Like

I like Cricket. [...]

Do You Bet On Sports Like Football

I usually do [...]

Fasination With Celebrities And Sports Stars, Why

I am totally preplexed why people get all lathered up over Movie stars, sports figures or music idols who's bacisic claim to fame is either talking, jumping around or making God awful noise. They are a lot less important in life than a dependable car or a funtioning flush toliet. Some body please explain to me why there [...]

What Sports Do U Like

i like cricket,football and moto gb [...]

What Sports Do You Like

I like soccer, hockey, basketball and badminton. [...]

Which Sports U Like D Most

i like cricet d most. wat abtu? [...]

Winter Sports

Anyone like any winter sports? I've cross country skied, it was fun. [...]

Whos Your Favourite Sports Star!

Michael Schumacher! Forza Schumi! You are the champion! [...]

Which All Sports Do U Like Playing

I like badminton. [...]

Which Is Your Favorite Sports

I like cricket and tennis.. [...]

Do You Hate Watching Sports On Tv

Jusat gets on my nevers, so glad my partner agress with me, he can't stand football etc [...]

What Sports


Every One Post Your Favourite Sports Here

Every One Post Your Favourite Sports Here mine is racing [...]

Sports And Kids

What sports do your kids play? Mine play baseball, soccer, football, basketball, ballet, and cheerleading!! Wow I am busy! [...]

Which Sports You Like

1) Cricket 2) Soccer 3) Formula 1 4) Athelatics [...]

Favorite Sports Team

Name it! [...]

Should Steroids Be Allowed In Sports

Steroids can be very beneficial if used properly in body building. Many feel that athletes are cheating because steroids aren't a safe way to enhance your body, therefore, it isn't an obvious choice for every athlete. The ones [...]

Do U Like Sports Shoes

which one you like-addidas,reboke or nike? [...]

Which Is The Famous Sports Personality......................

Mine view is tiger woods.........? [...]

Which Is Your Favorite Sports Car

Mine is Mclaren F-1 [...]

Hero Honda Sports Bikes

Is hero honda should release superbikes like 500cc in india and overseas. [...]

Favorite Sports Player

mine is Donavon Mcnabb for the Philadelphia Eagles [...]

What Kind Of Sports Do U Like

sports [...]

College Sports Or Professional Sports

Which one do people like to watch better. [...]

Who Has Played Wii Sports

What do you think of it? What's your favorite game on there? I'm a fan of the boxing! [...]


Which is your favourite sport? [...]


Which is your favourite sport? [...]

Which Is Your Favorite Sports Car

do you like sport cars, which is your favorite sports car??? and why ? [...]

Favorite Sports

Mine is Cricket, which one is yours? [...]

What Is Your Favorite Sports

Soccer and basket [...]

Who Is Your Favourite Sports Person

Hi just tell who your favourite sports person is and why. my favourtie has to be Steven Gerrard he is a english footballer the best thing about him is that he always gives 100% to his team. [...]


do u like sports,if yes name it? [...]

Which Colour You Like On Sports Cars

I like Red..... [...]

Favourite Sports Women

mine is sania mirza [...]

You Like Playing Sports Or Watching Sports

You like playing sports or watching sports? [...]

What Sports Do You Like

I like swimming,Feel good,agree? [...]

Which Is Your Fav. Sports

I like almost everything... which one do you like the most.. [...]

Which Sports U Love To Watch

? [...]

Tv Or Sports

Tv or sport?and what sports? [...]

What Sports Do You Like To Watch Or Play

im is table tennis... whats yours [...]

Why Are Sports Stars Paid More Than Scientists, Doctors, Engineers

I know there are many factors, differences in the supply and demand measures for the two professions being most prominent. However I think it says something about our societies that sports stars tend to be paid far more (and work less if you think about) than doctors, scientists, engineers who work like crazy, **do important [...]

What Is Your Favourite Sports Car

mine is ferrari enzo,porsche and lamborghini [...]

Do You Enjoy Water Sports

What is your favorite water sport? I love to Kyak. [...]

Do You Like Sports

i like football,but not the internal ones,i like to watch championships,when my country plays,or when a team representing my country plays [...]

Does Your Child Participate In Sports

I beleive its real important to have your children in sports. It seems to help them stay more grounded. It is also great for learning responsibility and self disipline. I am off shortly to go to my sons cross country meet. I am [...]

Do You Bet Online On Sports

i do sometimes on Bwin! But now my account is ZERO! [...]

Who Is Your Favourite Sports Personality

dont we all love sports or atleast watching it ... Thierry Henry is my idol - the french football international [...]

Boxing. Do You Think It Is A Nice Sports Or Dangerous

Boxing is an extreme sports. Sometimes the boxer suffers fatal injuries that can affects their health sooner or later. [...]

Sports Bike Or A Sports Car

wat do u prefer to own? sports bike oe sports car? or may b a luxury car? n which one.......... [...]

Espn Or Star Sports Or Ten Sports Or Any Other What Is Ur Favourite

what is favourite sports channel..I like ESPN... [...]